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Top 3 Restaurant Interior Design Trends For 2023 - Retrolight

Top 3 Restaurant Interior Design Trends For 2023

Restaurant owners who are planning to revamp their business next year can take a look at our pick of the upcoming interior design trends for 2023. 


Mix and match lighting

Customers no longer come to a restaurant to see every design fixture exactly the same. They want a mixture of metals, styles, and textures, which adds character, mood and individuality to the premises. 

For instance, you could fit modern pendant lights over the tables and contrast these with vintage picture lights highlighting some classic photos or paintings. 



Over the years, patrons have become used to being crammed into restaurants, eating an uncomfortably close distance to the people next to them. However, the pandemic changed all this when people were forced to be two metres apart after businesses re-opened.

Although Covid-19 restrictions no longer exist, Design Pool recognises these changes are still popular among customers who want to feel safe when dining out. 

Extended outdoor dining space, contactless menus and payment, and dividers between tables are, therefore, likely to continue next year. 


Sustainable materials

Customers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment, which means businesses are too. More people are attracted to ethical dining, so to tap into this market, it is important to show you are doing your bit to become greener. 

Not only does this involve reducing food waste and using local products, but it also means sourcing sustainable materials when designing the venue. For instance, wood and stone are increasingly being used indoors, as well as bamboo, cork, activated charcoal, and concrete tiles, cooper, and slate.
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