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How Lighting Can Change The Look Of A Space - Retrolight

How Lighting Can Change The Look Of A Space

Lighting can make or break a room. Depending on the style, tone and placement, lighting can either add character or ruin the entire look you're going for.

First, you should consider the style of lighting you want. There's no point in decorating your space a certain way if you’re going to use lighting that doesn’t match.

If you’ve chosen to go with a dark, vintage antique look adding fluorescent spotlights won't fit well. Instead, you could opt for vintage wall lights to tie the feel of the room together.

Similarly, if you’ve opted for a sleek, modern or industrial design, adding a large, classic chandelier won't go well either. Ensure you choose lighting options that reflect the vibe of the space and don't look out of place.

The tone of the lighting matters too. Choosing lighting that adds ambience is important. Warm, yellow-toned lights can add a cosy and homely feel to a space. As well as providing warmth, they can also be more relaxing so are perfect for rooms such as the bedroom or living area.

Brighter white lights are more fitting for areas where you need visibility. The kitchen, for example, would benefit from this tone of lighting as it is great at brightening up a space and ensuring you can see everything easily.

You can even go all out and get coloured lighting! Having different coloured lighting in different areas can add a special touch. Red lighting is moody and intimate, whereas green or blue lighting can be perfect for a party or a space you want to chill out in.

Once you’ve decided on style and tone, think about where to place your lights. Do you want to go with an overhead light? Or are standing lights placed in specific areas of the room more fitting?

Overhead lighting is good for when you need the lights to be on, however, having alternative lighting is good for setting the mood and having options as you can turn lights on and off depending on your needs.

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