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Guide to Product Finishes & Colours

Selecting Your Finish

Many of our light fittings are available in an array of different material and colour finishes. This page is your guide to choosing the finish that is right for you.

This article is arranged by manufacturer. Due to the large number of product variants we sell it is often the case that images of particular finishes may not be available on select product pages. The finish swatches on this page should help in these instances. Do not hesitate to contact us at if you are unsure about which finish to select.

Please note that finishes and colours from different manufacturers may not be consistent.

Our Suppliers

Mullan Logo
Mullan Lighting is a supplier of high quality hand-finished light fittings. Their products are available in a variety of brass and powder-coated finishes. These are the most common finishes and colours.

Note that Mullan light fittings are hand-finished and made to order. As such each product is unique. The swatches above serve as an indication only and some variation is to be expected. Read the Variation and Patination section below for further information.

Bespoke Options
Mullan offers customisation on many of their products. A variety of brass finishes can be applied to most Mullan products. Virtually all Mullan products can be powder-coated in any colour of your choice (not limited to those shown above). If your desired finish or colour is not listed on the product page you can make a bespoke request.

Get in touch with us at and we will try to arrange a bespoke item for you. Please note that bespoke items may be subject to an additional charge.

Mullan Hand Crafted Light Fixtures RETROLIGHT

Variation and Patination of Brass Fittings

Please be aware that all brass light fitting products will be subject to minor variation in colour and appearance. We cannot guarantee that different brass products or components will have an exact colour match.

Minor differences in brass finishes will often be a result of natural variation in materials and, in the case of our Mullan product range, the fact that each item is hand crafted and thus unique. This variation in brass tone and finish is generally considered a positive aesthetically.

Patina is a natural tarnish that forms on the surface of brass and other metals. While natural patina usually occurs over an extended period of time, the process can be expedited via chemical processes. This is how manufacturers of brass components can apply aged finishes that make the brass more visually appealing. Patination of brass fittings (antique brass in particular) will occur naturally over time. Antique finishes will gradually change in tone to suit their environment. Again, this is generally seen as a positive.

Brass finishes can also vary in appearance in accordance with the light that they are subject to. All light fixture product images on our site are photographs (as opposed to renders) taken in warm white light. Please note that the appearance of your brass fitting will vary slightly depending on the environment in which it is situated. For example- an antique brass finish viewed outdoors may appear to have a green tinge, but viewed indoors under warm white light will have a reddish hue.