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Make A Titanic Impact With Nautical Light Fittings - Retrolight

Make A Titanic Impact With Nautical Light Fittings

If you have a shop, café or restaurant with some form of nautical theme, there will be some very obvious ways to decorate it. Sea shells, fishing nets, anchors, images of boats and signage associated with ocean liners are all examples of things you could use for decorative purposes.

However, while these will all show up wonderfully well by day, you will also need something for after dark. That is where nautical light fittings can help you continue the theme.

This will work best in a smaller space, where the features of them are visible and evident. It would not be much use, for instance, in a cavernous large space such as the liner-themed Orient in the Trafford Centre in Manchester, this being a large food hall in a huge shopping mall that focuses on dining for daytime shoppers.

Even there, however, there are smaller, self-contained restaurants fringing the Orient, where lighting needs to be more intimate, less bright, but can also fit with a design (although none are of an aquatic theme).

If you do go for such lights, you can perhaps take things a bit further, using it for themed nights. 

The re-release of Titanic to mark the 25th anniversary of the film starring Kaye Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio and the upcoming anniversary of the iceberg collision on April 14th could be a great opportunity to have a night themed around the film, although if you serve food you might want to think twice about having a certain kind of lettuce on the menu.

You could have a lot of fun with that, though it’s not like you would have more theme nights to mark other maritime calamities like the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 (but if you do, May 7th is the date). But what you can be sure of is that with the right lighting, you can provide an ambiance that everyone can get on board with and will not send customers running for the lifeboats.
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