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The Best Ways To Illuminate Your Outdoor Space - Retrolight

The Best Ways To Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor lighting can be just as creative, mood-enhancing and beautiful as indoor lighting. Adding decorative touches and creating the perfect glow can really cosy-up your outdoor space and create a beautiful, relaxing environment for you to enjoy.

Firstly, think about the space you have and how you want to use it. Choosing lighting before you have taken the time to create an area to relax and enjoy can be difficult so it’s best to get all your outdoor renovation projects out of the way before you start to light it up.

For small areas, you may have far more choices than you think. Smaller areas require less light so you are more able to choose lighting based on how it looks rather than how well it lights the space up.

Smaller areas are great for cosy, intimate lighting. Think string lights and small spotlights as well as lanterns and other ambient options.

For larger areas, you may have to think about including options that can light up the entire space. This may mean you install wall lights or brighter flood lighting before cosying the area up to ensure you are able to fully illuminate the area should you need to.

This doesn’t mean you can't still add all the delicate, subtle lighting a small space can use though. These can still be great for creating a cosy atmosphere and for decorative purposes.

A great way to merge your outdoor lighting into the environment is to use lighting that can exist alongside your garden instead of being a separate entity. 

Having small lights wrapped around or hanging from trees, using solar lights that can live inside bushes and even flowerpots. This gives the impression that your outdoor space is glowing from within.
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