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What Is The Best Lighting For Bathrooms? - Retrolight

What Is The Best Lighting For Bathrooms?

When redesigning a bathroom, you’ll probably have picked out your dream bathtub, found tiles you love and have splashed the cash on a power shower. But something you might not have given much thought to is bathroom lighting. Here are some things to consider when choosing the ideal lights for your new washroom. 

Firstly, pick light fittings that have high IP ratings, as this means they are resistant to moisture. The last thing you want is to install lights that are sensitive to water for a room that will steam up on a daily basis. 

Spotlights are also a popular choice for bathrooms, as this provides plenty of light wherever you are in the room, allowing you to see well enough when doing your make-up, having a shower, or shaving. 

However, pendant lights are becoming increasingly popular, as this gives a focused source of light in the middle of the room. Choose a long hanging pendant for a dramatic style, which look great in bathrooms with freestanding tubs. These work well for creating a cosy ambience.

Alternatively, ceiling lights are a good choice if you want to spread the light out more, as they provide more even coverage. 

Wall lights are also popular, especially in addition to a central ceiling or pendant light. This is because you can choose to turn one off if you want a dimly lit bathroom, for instance to enjoy a relaxing bath, but you still want to be able to see. 

They offer just the right amount of light for a low-lit setting, while also providing extra brightness if you need to see more clearly, such as to apply make-up in the mirror. 

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