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Be Easily LED This Autumn - Retrolight

Be Easily LED This Autumn

With summer gradually morphing into autumn, there will be no escaping the fact that we will all be turning on our lights a lot more of the coming months, as it gets dark earlier and stays dark later.

In the past, that might have come with some positives; the idea of attractive lighting and a merry atmosphere being epitomised by Christmas lights, but not necessarily limited to the festive season.

However, this year brings some foreboding as the spectre of high energy bills hangs over the start of October as much as the prospect of other ghoulish things dominates the end of that month. 

While it appears there is help in the way through a new government package drawn up by the freshly-appointed Prime Minister Liz Truss and her team, costs will still be well up on what they were this time last year, which is why now could be a great time to seek the same amount of light for less. That is where LED Filament bulbs can prove invaluable.

LED lights are cheaper to use than traditional incandescent bulbs for a very good reason, which is all to do with the science of how one form of energy (electrical) is converted into another (light).

In the case of incandescent bulbs, the electricity is used to heat the filament, which means much of the energy is converted to heat, with only 30 per cent being converted to light as the filament glows. By contrast, LED’s convert very little energy into heat and most of it into light. Therefore, it takes less electricity to light up your home, so it is also good for the environment.

Given the great range of retro-looking lights we have on offer, you really can get the best of both worlds: more energy-efficient lights with a stylish, old-fashioned appearance. 

At a time when the actual world seems a dark place filled with environmental, inflationary, energy and military problems, it will be reassuring to know there is one source of light that really is good news.

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