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The Best Way To Show Off Your Favourite Pictures With Lights - Retrolight

The Best Way To Show Off Your Favourite Pictures With Lights

You can decorate a house in a relatively short amount of time, but it takes years to find, frame and put up prints, photos and paintings that really help complete the décor of each room and make it look like a home. 

Once you have settled on the perfect pictures that suit your interior design, the best way to show them off is to add lights above the frames. 

Wall-mounted picture lights cast light across the whole picture, really emphasising its detail and beauty. 

These not only look effective in the daytime when extra light is projected on to the framed art piece but particularly at night-time when the main light is dimmed. This helps to make the pictures key features of the room that should be looked at and admired.  

At the same time, picture lights add ambient lighting to the room, so you don’t have to have the central light on or rely on tall floor lamps for a cosy atmosphere. 

These lights can create mood lighting themselves, while also showing off your taste in art. 

The picture lights you choose will say a lot about your style and taste, whether you opt for vintage-looking cast brass ones or modern chrome ones. 

You could have a long bar-shaped light that is situated in the centre of the picture or a couple of spotlights, with one placed either side of the frame. This could depend on the size of the picture, as well as your own personal preference.

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