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Scandi Lighting Tips To Beat The Winter Blues - Retrolight

Scandi Lighting Tips To Beat The Winter Blues

There’s a good chance that it’s dark in Scandinavia while you read this, as the sun only rises for a matter of a few hours in the far-northern hemisphere during winter, and to the very far north doesn’t rise at all for months at a time.

But Scandinavians don’t let that get them down. The Scandi design trend, which has been popular for a few years and shows no sign of abating, uses clever ideas to help brighten up spaces during such dark days, many of which we can use to brighten our own homes this winter. Let’s have a look at some Scandi lighting tips.



The first rule of hygge, the Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality, is candlelight. The Danes burn more candles per person than anywhere else in Europe, and the soft glow helps keep Scandinavians going throughout the winter.

Scented candles can introduce a breezy floral scent to help bring that feeling of spring, or a more wintery scent can help create that cosy atmosphere.


Avoid harsh downward lights

While you shouldn’t start ripping out overhead fixtures, harsh, down-casting lights can kill the hygge vibe. Make better use of table and floor lamps at this time of year, which are typically more adjustable. A dimmer switch for your overhead light can also make a difference.


Decorate with a light and bright palette

The use of white a pale colours in Scandi design is not by accident. Lighter finishes will help open up a space, as well as help throw the light around the room. Using a slightly glossy finish will also help. Dont be afraid to go a little paler with your furniture and floor coverings, too.



Decorative wall mirrors can also help bounce light around the room. Make sure mirrors are hung strategically, so theyre facing your windows and catching the rays that come in through them.


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