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Interior Design Lighting Tips For Beginners - Retrolight

Interior Design Lighting Tips For Beginners

Every room in the house can benefit from applying a few interior design lighting tips. With a. Considered plan for subtle lighting arrangements in the home, it can become more functional while creating just the right ambience.

Whether you want to improve productivity in your home office with improved lighting or create drama in the dining room with statement lighting, we have a look at some tips to keep in mind when assessing your home lighting needs.


1. Natural Light

Natural light is what we get from the sun, and while in the depths of winter there might feel there’s not a lot of that, daylight still needs to be considered when designing your lighting, as you may want to look at window treatments to help control the natural light that falls through the window.


2. Consider the Uses of the Room

Kitchens and utility areas may require bright lighting overall, as well as task lighting for countertops and prep areas, whereas living rooms and family rooms may need more low-level lighting for glare-free TV watching, with lamps for reading. Bathrooms are typically best lit with fixtures mounted above or on each side of the mirror to minimise shadows.


3. Dimmer Switches

Since dimmer switches add versatility to any light fixture, they are one of the top inexpensive interior design lighting tips. Dimmers allow you to fine-tune the level of brightness while also helping to conserve energy and extend bulb life. Keep in mind that some LED bulbs may not work with dimmer switches.


4. Create a Clean Look

Statement lighting can make a huge impact on a room, but discrete and recessed lighting are likely to be much better for creating a clean look. It is also a good idea for rooms with limited space or height, such as an attic conversion.


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