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Why Different Lighting Is Essential In Bedrooms - Retrolight

Why Different Lighting Is Essential In Bedrooms

Homeowners who are redecorating their bedrooms should make sure they consider getting different levels of lights, as these are essential for creating the right atmosphere. 

Most people want their bedrooms to feel fresh and bright during the day, but cosy and dimly lit when it comes to night-time, which is why they need to get the right table lamps or wall lights to create this dual ambiance. 

Speaking with Homes And Gardens, Sarah Barker from Vanrenen GW Designs said: “Lighting needs to be low and atmospheric but it is important to be able to read.”

She recommended having small wall lights fitted next to the bed for a good reading light that will not be too bright or dominant at a time you want to rest and relax. 

However, wall lights might not be the best option if you are prone to switching furniture around frequently, as you will have to make sure the bed stays in the same place between the two wall lights. Similarly, this only works if you are happy with the size of your bed, as you would have to alter the fittings if you bought a bigger bedframe. 

In this case, table lamps sitting on a handy bedside table would be convenient and can really be a statement feature of the room. 

Indeed, Architectural Digest recognises: “Today’s high-design lamps can also make a decor statement wherever you place them.”

It states table lamps can have “transformative power”, provide a big design impact, and “flip the switch in your home”.

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