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The Most Iconic Lighting Fads - Retrolight

The Most Iconic Lighting Fads

If there is one constant in the world of light fixtures, it is that quirky lighting will always have a place in our homes and our hearts, even if the exact form it takes can vary wildly over the years.

The most recent lighting fad that is most likely to dominate “2020s fashion” in a few decades will most likely be the RGB/Gamer lighting trend brought about by the rise of smart light bulbs that can change colour with the tap of an app.

Going back to earlier eras of interior design, here are some of the most iconic fads that are now eternally connected to a particular year.


Sputnik Chandelier

One of the biggest lighting trends of post-war Atomic Age design, the Sputnik chandelier, named after and inspired by the Sputnik satellite, has actually had a surprisingly lengthy half-life.

The space race dominated not only the news and the interests of science enthusiasts but also had a huge effect on interior design, with the bizarre asymmetry of the Sputnik chandelier’s protruding arms, each of which holding a vintage bulb reflecting the optimism of the age.

It has made a comeback, alongside many space-age designs, but it will be eternally associated with a time when everyone looked up to the stars.


Lava Lamp

Whilst the Astro Lamp has never truly disappeared despite constant peaks and dips in popularity, the lava lamp will is a design and concept that will always be connected to 1960s psychedelia and the nostalgia surrounding that particular point in history.

Ever since the huge sixties revival movement that coincided with Cool Britannia in the 1990s, the lava lamp has continued to be popular, remaining constantly in production since 1963.



Specifically, the exceptionally elaborate and over-the-top designs that became popular in the late 19th century, typically producing light via natural gas that was reflected through an ornate series of prisms.

Once the height of opulent luxury, the rise of the electric light bulb led to a rapid decline in popularity, although unlit statement chandeliers still endure in certain interior design styles.

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