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How To Light Your Home Office

As government guidance asks people to go back to working from home with the rise of the omicron variant, many people will be deciding to ditch the kitchen table and create a dedicated home office. But it is vital that to ensure productivity and wellbeing, your home office needs to be lit properly.

There is more to adequate home office illumination than finding a stylish desk lamp, as you need to create an atmosphere that is not only comfortable but ensures that you do not get eye strain and promotes productivity.

As well as ensuring you get plenty of natural light, which is particularly important during the winter months, installing correctly applied lighting will help keep you awake and alert, reduce eye strain, keep you productive, and invigorate and inspire you.

The key to lighting any room is to create layers of lighting. Explore what light is already available to you, including natural light and existing light fittings, how the light is distributed through the room, and the light levels in the space you will be working.

There are three types of lighting to consider when lighting in layers:


1. Ambient Lighting

Whether its the light from the window or the ambient light provided from ceiling and wall fixtures, this is the base level lighting on which to build. Like any foundation, the ambient light needs to provide an even level of illumination before you know where you can add extra lighting.


2. Task Lighting

You need specific focussed task lighting to see the tasks you are performing, such as reading, writing, or working on a computer. A good quality desk lamp will bring bright, focussed light to allow you to see the details.


3. Accent Lighting

If you have any awards, certificates, diplomas, or artwork on the walls or architectural details in the room, accent lighting is what youd use to highlight it. Accent lighting is the set dressing, to add drama and aesthetics to your office.


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