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Create a Bit of Gatsby With Art Deco Lighting - Retrolight

Create a Bit of Gatsby With Art Deco Lighting

It may seem to some that the Great Gatsby ignited a fascination with the ‘roaring twenties’, a decade of excess and hedonism, feather boas and fancy suits that represented a hiatus of fun and optimism between the grim times of the First World War and the Great Depression.

However, the story of the Great Gatsby, be it either the 1925 book or the 21st century film version, represents just part of the nostalgia for the era even from those who did not live in it. From the emergence of talking films and the stories of gangsters and speakeasy’s - most memorably sent up by the film Bugsy Malone and its splurge guns - the 20s has an enduring place in popular culture.

This being so, it is not surprising that the art, architecture and fashion of the era remain popular. Art Deco in particular was a signature of the age, both in the buildings of the time - many of which still adorn our high streets today - but also in fixtures and furnishings. Indeed, in the heyday of Art Deco even the designs of household appliances like kettles and vacuum cleaners bore the style.

If this is a style you like, what better step than to get some Art Deco lighting to go with Art Deco furniture and sculptures? Our range will work beautifully with a range of various household items to provide a wonderful retro look. From chandeliers to sofas to sideboards, there are many great Art Deco items out there, so you will have loads of options to enjoy a wonderful throwback.

Whether that means you will be simply enjoying the style, or perhaps dressing up and enjoying a Gatsby Party (The idea of holding a Bugsy Malone party never caught on for some reason), you will be able to enjoy a style that, a century after it first emerged, still captures the admiration and imagination of millions.

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